BHC3 Applications Studio

UI Designer

BHC3™ Applications Studio enables end-to-end application development using a low-code / no-code visual interface through the UI Designer toolkit. UI Designer lets non-technical users design and build end-to-end application user interfaces, including page layout and navigation. Users can choose from a rich library of individual components and configure component attributes, data, and interactions with ease.

End-to-end application design in a visual interface​

  • Create and edit pages by dragging and dropping components​
  • Define application navigation, routing structure, and page variables​
  • Configure component functionality​
  • Connect data to components​
  • Create and edit navigation menu​
  • Edit UI settings

Rich library of configurable components

  • Choose from over 15 configurable pre-built components available in UI Designer library​
  • Easily drag and drop components onto a page canvas​
  • Configure data, functionality and styling for each component to power your application

Data source configuration

  • Search through your data model to find the data objects you want to connect to your component​
  • Select a field or a metric and drag it into the relevant data category for your component (e.g., your chart x-axis)​
  • Configure functionality (e.g. turning on editing for a grid row) and styling (e.g. selecting a line style) for each separate data category to ensure they are visualized appropriately

Attributes configuration

  • Configure functionality and styling for a large set of components to power your application​
  • Turn on and off features to customize your application and provide best-in-class experience for your user base​
  • Specify detailed configuration options for activated features, such as defining warning thresholds for summary KPIs​
  • Configure complex component interactions, such as links and filtering to create a rich, interactive application

Configurable application settings

  • Edit UI settings such as defining default landing page and application logo​
  • Create the navigation menu structure​
  • Define the routing structure and page variable of your application

Graph UI component

Graph UI component

  • Leverage BHC3 Graph UI component to visualize and interact with entity relationships within large and complex data sets​
  • Surface underlying patterns of relevance and interdependencies at a single point of time or over a time period​
  • Inform your application’s UI design based on entity relationships custom to your business or use case

Metrics Designer

BHC3 Applications Studio allows users to define BHC3 Metrics in an intuitive, visual interface through the Metrics Designer toolkit. BHC3 Metrics are powerful analytic tools that create prepared time series out of raw data that reside in objects on the BHC3 AI Suite. BHC3 Metrics can be persisted, exposed in an application user interface, and / or used as features to train a machine learning model.​

BHC3 Metrics design and evaluation in one tool​

  • View any BHC3 Metric that resides in the application repository as well as the data objects metrics depend on​
  • Create a new metric from any data that reside in BHC3 Models​
  • Visualize metric results while defining the BHC3 Metric​
  • Evaluate and update existing metrics