BHC3 DevSecOps Studio

Release Management

BHC3™ DevSecOps Studio allows developers to manage the comprehensive application release process through the Release Management toolkit. Release Management allows developers to follow the GitFlow workflow of software development. Developers can see builds and the associated test results across different branches of their code repository. Users can toggle between the Develop, Release, and Master branches inspecting the pass rate and success of each build.​

Continuous integration​

BHC3 DevSecOps Studio enables continuous integration (CI) for developers.​

  • Publish code updates across all users in real-time through incremental provisioning​
  • Create deployable artifacts through real-time updates to the code in the shared repository

Deployment Pipeline

Version control management

  • Identify successful production-ready applications across repository builds​
  • Browse comprehensive list of builds across development branches and view detailed test status along with failure root case analysis

Test management

​BHC3 DevSecOps Studio provides developers a test management center to create, read, update, run, and delete tests for their applications.​

  • Collaborate with other developers in near real-time across shared test environments​
  • Run comprehensive history of past tests including failure root cause analysis

Test Management

Deployment Pipelines​

BHC3 DevSecOps Studio allows developers to ensure visibility and control into their various environments and manage application deployments through its Deployment Pipelines toolkit. Through Deployment Pipelines, users can manage their deployments across clusters, monitor the responsiveness and status of these deployments, and easily upgrade their applications based on the builds they generate from the Release Management tool.

Application lifecycle management​

Streamline and manage operations with end to end visibility and control across the application lifecycle​

  • Linearly string together a collection of environments (e.g., Stage, QA, Pre-Prod, and Prod)​
  • Deploy and promote packages throughout the deployment pipelines with single click across clusters​
  • Monitor cross cluster health through testing at each deployment stage – Dev / QA / Prod​
  • Manage deployed packages across clusters through centralized access (only for privileged users)

Deployment Pipeline

Cross cluster environment set up

BHC3 DevSecOps Studio enables developers to set up and manage Dev, QA, and Prod environments across different clusters. ​

  • Configure deployment pipelines from a pool of environments across multiple clusters​
  • Pre-assign applications to deployment pipelines​
  • Separate logical and physical pipelines by reusing clusters across pipelines

Environment monitoring and administration

BHC3 DevSecOps Studio allows developers to run diagnoses into the environment level operations, including granular deep dives ranging from health monitoring on how the resources are being used to user administration and security tasks. BHC3 DevSecOps Studio allows developers to easily spot issues that are impacting applications deployed to the environment.​

Detailed health and load monitoring​

BHC3 DevSecOps Studio presents developers a comprehensive list of all the applications deployed across all the environments. Users can click into the environment or specific application deployed in the environment to see details regarding:​

  • Workload queues ​
  • CPU and memory usage​
  • Total actions: failed and completed

User administration and access controls​

BHC3 DevSecOps Studio provides a comprehensive set of user controls across environments and applications​

  • Add new users to an application​
  • Control user groups per application​
  • Understand user permissions and roles resulting​
    from a combination of permissions​
  • Syncronize with Identity Providers like Okta,​
    ActiveDirectory, and PingFederate