Application Development

The BHC3™ AI Suite provides developers the flexibility needed to quickly define application user interfaces to expose AI/ML insights and data across applications built on the BHC3 AI Suite. The BHC3 UI Services offer native React-Redux support and leverage the BHC3 AI Suite’s model-driven architecture. All UI components are defined as BHC3 Models allowing developers build user interfaces quickly by only specifying component metadata. The BHC3 AI Suite enables developers to maintain a rich library of components and share them across the enterprise.​

React-Redux Support

  • Native support for React components via BHC3 Models (e.g., UIReactBase.c3typ, UIReactPage.c3typ)​
  • Native support for Redux data sources (e.g., UIDataRedux.c3typ)​
  • Easy integration with 3rd party React libraries to leverage work done by the large and growing React community

Action Triggers

  • BHC3 functions that leverage the familiar Redux action creator framework and return Redux actions​
  • Parameterizable action creators (e.g., action type, function name, etc.)​

Effects & Async Effects

  • BHC3 effects that leverage familiar Redux reducer framework and allow developers to easily change UI state​
  • Effects that are parameterizable by state, action, and actionType​
  • BHC3 asynchronous effects that leverage familiar redux-observable epics framework​
  • Asynchronous effects that are parameterizable by actionStream, store, and actionType​

Components as BHC3 Models

  • Components defined as BHC3 Models, leveraging the benefits of the BHC3 AI Suite’s model driven architecture​
  • Component functionality defined on BHC3 Models as metadata, allowing for easy configuration​
  • Metadata-driven approach, allowing usage of components in BHC3 UI Designer, where configurations are automatically rendered in a visual interface, as well as maintenance of a rich component library

CSS Support

  • Support for CSS styling and compatibility with SCSS – Sass 3, enabling developers to leverage a familiar styling language​
  • Custom theming available to style application in line with corporate brand guidelines​