BHC3 AI SuiteBHC3 AI Suite

Integration Services

The BHC3 Data Integrator is core to integration services and uses multi-level custom data integration pipelines from enterprise systems to create a common and extensible data model. Use the BHC3 AI Suite to deploy integration pipelines at scale while retaining abilities to monitor data and catch errors.

Integration services can be used for ingesting data from a variety of sources:

  • Enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM and SCM systems
  • OT systems such as SCADA systems
  • Streaming data from IoT sensors
  • External sources for relevant data such as weather or commodity prices
BHC3 Data Management
  • Build custom data integration pipelines from existing source systems into BHC3 Models.
  • Rapidly set up, test and preview automatic data ingestion pipelines.
  • Virtualize data from file systems, relational databases, queues or streaming sources with access to over 200 prebuilt connectors.
  • Leverage the extensive BHC3 AI Suite expression library or write custom code to enable additional connectors and custom data transformations as part of ingest pipelines.
BHC3 Model Designer
  • Develop and edit target objects to store incoming data as BHC3 Models. Developers can easily change the declaration of any BHC3 Model, iterating to ensure incoming data are represented as needed for desired use cases.