BHC3 AI Suite Platform ServicesBHC3 AI Suite

Platform Services

The BHC3™ AI Suite is a comprehensive suite of services mediated through a model-driven architecture. Platform services include data persistence, batch and stream processing, time series normalization, auto-scaling, data encryption, role-based access control and AI/ML services.

BHC3 AI Suite Platform Services Single Sign-on

Single Sign-On
  • Enable single sign-on via SAML 2.0
  • Leverage two-factor authentication support
  • Use OAuth 2.0 support that enables users to authorize applications’ access to resources on their behalf
Role-Based Access Control
  • Use comprehensive access management for data, application and platform resources.
  • Segregate duties within the team and limit user access to resources based on job requirements.
  • Define expression to grant conditional access to data based on a user’s profile. Platform Services Role-Based Access Control Platform Services Auto Scaling

  • Dynamically scale compute capacity up or down according to conditions you define.
  • Automatically increase the number of compute instances during demand spikes to maintain performance. Decrease capacity during lulls to reduce costs.
  • Maintain the cost and availability of compute resources and ensure the desired number of compute instances.
  • Monitor all aspects of the BHC3 AI Suite, from the state of an analytic job to RESTful API performance.
  • Visualize current and historical environment workload using an intuitive environment management portal.
  • Monitor the status and throughput of invalidation queues, the mechanism by which the BHC3 AI Suite handles asynchronous processing requests.
  • Configure auto-scaling rules to maintain the cost and availability of compute resources. Platform Services Monitoring

  • Track all BHC3 application access, including failed authentication attempts.
  • Retain two years of historical records to support reporting and auditing requirements.
  • Record all successful and unsuccessful access activities in the system and in application logs, along with username, IP address, action and date/time of access.
  • Log every data change in the system and in application logs.
Data Encryption
  • Provide added data security using enterprise-class encryption.
  • Encrypt data-at-rest using 256-bit SHA-2 encryption.
  • Securely transmit data-in-motion using HTTPS (SSL/TLS) with 4096-bit RSA encryption.
Job Scheduling
  • Leverage robust job scheduling capabilities as part of the
    BHC3 AI Suite.
  • Use an extensive library of analytic functions to easily define temporal, geospatial or comparative rules for alert generation.
  • Use normalized event streams that are evaluated against pre-defined rules to detect anomalies, threshold exceptions, etc.
  • Configure application and platform notifications about unusual behavior.