BHC3 AI SuiteBHC3 AI Suite

Self-Service Analytics and ML

Use the self-service analytics and ML capabilities of the BHC3™ AI Suite to visually create analytics and machine learning models. Put extremely fast data processing together with intuitive data exploration and machine learning tools, all in one workspace. Analyze, explore and derive business insights quickly, all without writing a single line of code.

Ex Machina
  • Leverage BHC3 Ex Machina to load disparate data sources and join, filter and wrangle data, all without having to write a single query. An easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface gives users ready access to the power of data exploration.
  • Quickly load data in a table and view dozens of prebuilt charts such as histograms, scatterplots, line charts and correlation matrices. Start exploring data without writing a single line of code.
  • Access any data stored in the BHC3 AI Suite as a result of the tight integration with BHC3 Ex Machina.
  • Use direct connectors to files (e.g., CSV, S3, Azure Blob) and external data sources, enabling rapid exploration of raw data.
Data Wrangling
  • Enable users to filter, join, transform and wrangle datasets using dozens of prebuilt nodes.
  • Pivot, aggregate and group, split and leverage the power of thousands of Spark SQL functions to build pipelines for cleaning and preparing data for model training and insights generation.
  • Identify patterns and trends by visualizing data in tables and charts.
  • Generate insights by profiling data with histograms, identifying relationships with correlation matrices, and looking at scatter plots, line charts, bar charts and area charts.
Machine Learning
  • Maximize use of powerful ML models such as regression, trees, random forest and clustering algorithms.
  • Segment customers, predict failures and forecast demand, all without writing a single line of code.

Apache Spark

In-Memory Processing
  • Leverage Apache Spark as part of the BHC3 AI Suite.
  • Use BHC3 Ex Machina’s scalable multi-node cluster for fast in-memory computation and data processing.