BHC3 AI SuiteBHC3 AI Suite

Time Series

The BHC3™ AI Suite is designed with a powerful time series engine at its core that removes the complexity of working with large amounts of data. It automatically time-aligns and normalizes data across all sources, significantly reducing development complexity and effort. This can be invaluable in finding trends and inter-relationships in data streams when visualized over time intervals.

The BHC3 AI Suite can enable persistence, processing and representation of data objects as time series, including the ability to normalize or calendarize data (e.g., time-align data or retrieve data at different time intervals), identify and flag gaps in data, manage data that are received out of sequence, and apply prebuilt or custom mathematical expressions.

Time Series Data Management
  • Automatically convert, clean, align and store time series data.
  • Align data across time zones with automated interval detection.
  • Apply AI techniques to identify and reject bad data.
  • Define and set deduplication and overlap-handling.
  • Convert and unify units of measurement.
Time-Based Analytics
  • Leverage hundreds of common and prebuilt mathematical and statistical functions to support data science feature engineering.
  • Develop simple metadata expressions that query multiple data stores.
  • Standardize your organization’s metrics and publish them as APIs.
  • Reuse analytics for machine learning features, microservices for downstream users, and BI visualization.
Data Management
  • Seamlessly configure and manage data across hot and cold storage to reduce costs.
  • Tune your environment and let the BHC3 AI Suite manage the details.
  • Automatically migrate data to maintain expected costs.