Reduce downtime, increase efficiency,
and improve safety with enterprise AI (BHC3) technology utilizes AI and machine learning capabilities to help operators reduce downtime, increase operational efficiency of assets and systems, and improve safety. This innovative AI-enabled software is scalable across all assets, systems, and facilities in the energy industry.

Today’s challenges with industrial assets

Oil and gas industry operators are challenged to prevent downtime, predict system failure, ensure safety, and comply with regulations. Failure of oil and gas systems can increase risk and impact safety, increase operational costs, and increase energy use to the detriment of emissions reduction programs. To solve for this, operators, managers, and engineers need to manage industrial oil and gas assets and systems in a way that measurably improves safety, reduces downtime, and increases productivity.

A new and innovative enterprise AI solution

The BHC3 alliance brings together years of AI experience with expert domain knowledge to offer an AI-enabled asset and system reliability capability for the oil and gas industry. The BHC3 technology applies machine learning models across industry sectors to provide real-time, accurate data visibility and predictive analysis. BHC3 solutions can be deployed across asset management and system reliability programs to assist engineers with critical and real-time decision making and maintenance actions.

BHC3 Benefits

Accurate prediction of failure risk

Reduce unplanned downtime by 20-50% by applying machine learning to a unified dataset including telemetry data, maintenance records, and failure modes.

Scalable across assets and systems

Use a system-of-systems approach that scales rapidly  across any type of facility or asset fleet in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and  gas operations.

Proven at scale to produce economic value

Reduce maintenance cost by 15-25% and improve
asset availability by 1-5% using the power of enterprise AI applied across global operations.

BHC3’s Enterprise AI Solutions

Prevent equipment failure and process upsets

A comprehensive software solution that provides engineers and maintenance managers with AI-enabled insights to address process and equipment performance risks across critical and non-critical assets, improving the reliability of entire systems.

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Deploy interoperable software for improved industrial asset & system uptime

An open ecosystem of AI-based solutions for the energy industry, the OAI allows energy businesses to build and adopt interoperable industrial oil and gas solutions on the BHC3 AI Suite. The first set of solutions are focused on Reliability.

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Global Oil & Gas Leader Leverages the BHC3 AI Suite

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Proven results in weeks, not years

Get insights into BHC3 capabilities, enterprise AI best practices and highest-value use cases.
Understand BHC3™ AI Suite's capabilities, its model-driven architecture and test it against your company's sample data set.
Identify a high-impact business problem and collaborate with the BHC3 team to rapidly build an AI application that solves it.
Scale and deploy a tested BHC3 application into production. Incorporate user feedback and optimize algorithms to drive maximum economic value.

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