Forrester Examines “O&G Analytics Software Gaps”

Equipment and Process Performance Management (E&PPM) is critical to meet business outcomes for oil and gas companies. To gain insights into this important area, Baker Hughes commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study on how oil and gas operators are monitoring, managing and maintaining equipment and processes, and how they are leveraging AI to address the E&PPM challenge.

Key Findings:

  • While Equipment and Process Performance Management (E&PPM) is essential for assuring business outcomes, it is not standard practice for oil and gas companies
  • With safety as the first priority, operators are looking for ways to increase reliability, optimize cost, and improve productivity yield across their investments
  • In addition to critical equipment and processes causing disruptions, over 40% of respondents said non-critical equipment is driving most unplanned downtime
  • In all verticals, oil and gas operators are experimenting with AI-based E&PPM solutions to proactively manage their investments and are open to partnering with external resources to develop new solutions