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BHC3 Reliability

BHC3 Reliability


BHC3 Reliability improves operations uptime and plant availability through AI-enabled insights


Features & Benefits

  • Detect and respond to risks and anomalies in equipment performance.
  • Investigate and take action using AI-recommended failure mode assessments for each identified risk. Conduct root cause analyses and failure mode effects analysis with all relevant data.
  • Assess system and subsystem health trends over varying time intervals across configurable risk indicators.
  • Monitor sensor health by applying machine learning techniques to network communication and device management data to identify and diagnose malfunctioning sensors.
  • Aggregate operational data to view all relevant data for interdependent equipment. Understand how tags from independent systems correlate to distinct production steps.
  • Collaborate across the enterprise with case management tools, including data investigations, messaging, user tagging, file upload, and external messaging (e.g., email or text).
  • Track, benchmark, and rank performance of regions, facilities, systems, and equipment based on configurable health and reliability metrics.
  • Optimize operations and capital expenditures by proactively planning reliability improvement projects and minimizing unplanned downtime.
  • Scale swiftly across the enterprise to large fleets and multiple types of assets using asset templates and end-user configuration of asset hierarchies, failure mode libraries, and ML models.
  • Codify and leverage subject matter expert knowledge through proven and customizable domain-specific libraries (e.g., failure mode & thermodynamics), KPIs, and KOPs.
  • Enable end-to-end ML Model Ops to automate model tracking, review inference statistics, identify model drift and monitor feature relevance over time.


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