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Kongsberg Kognitwin Energy

Kongsberg Kognitwin Energy


Kognitwin Energy is a dynamic, flexible, and extendible digital twin that delivers a rich framework for advanced digitalization and analytics, including a range of solutions that are customizable for specific customer needs. Kognitwin Energy collects, contextualizes, and unifies data from various sources (e.g., near real-time asset data, synthetic data from simulation and analytics) and powers data-driven insights and use-case driven applications.


  • Contextualization engine – create relationships and hierarchies in a dynamic manner
  • Validation of field measurements – leverage simulators and physics-based models
  • Data-driven decision making – train data-driven models based on synthetic data from high-fidelity simulators
  • Easy access to data – through mobile devices, integrated operations center consoles, desktops and other devices

Benefits of OAI integration

  • Centralize data – all facility information, asset hierarchy data, AI/ML failure predictions available in an integrated interface
  • Accelerate deployment – semi-automated tag selection to shorten BHC3 Reliability deployment and configuration
  • Compound insights – trend, inspect, and combine AI risk scores in Kognitwin Energy


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