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Shell Corrosion Advanced Risk Modeling and Analytics

Shell Corrosion Advanced Risk Modeling and Analytics


Predict corrosion in critical equipment and tubing using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on telemetry data to reduce maintenance costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce loss of primary containment (LOPC) events and the resulting HSSE risk
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate related inspections, reducing cost and exposure hours
  • Optimise maintenance strategy, Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) and processing limits, increasing production margins
  • Monitor asset integrity health of global assets
  • Prioritise investigation of contributing features to equipment corrosion
  • Predict corrosion rate with regression Machine Learning models leveraging data such as telemetry data, wall thickness sensors, crude properties, maintenance jobs
  • Provide capability to visualise equipment degradation, contributing features and rank top bad actors at Corrosion Monitoring Location (CML) level



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