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Shell Predictive Maintenance Subsea ESP

Shell Predictive Maintenance Subsea ESP


Detect Subsea Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) anomalies early to improve availability and reduce maintenance cost.

Features & Benefits​

  • Monitor the health of subsea ESPs and identify and mitigate failure risk, such as slugging conditions, gas lock events, trips and riser instabilities in advance through AI-driven alerts.
  • Leverage specialist knowledge in detecting anomaly events, assess possible causes and preventative measures.
  • Accelerate deployment of the application with learning models tailored for subsea ESPs using preconfigured algorithms, hyper-parameters and thresholds that detect events early and reduce false positives.
  • Understand subsea ESP health at enterprise scale with simple and extensible ESP monitoring tools and onboarding process built on real-life experience.
  • Enable engineers to intervene before issues with subsea manifold or caisson become uptime problems.
  • Improve turnaround efficiency and focus areas by using a data-driven approach that highlights deviations between target and actual behaviors to prioritize maintenance tasks.
  • Seamlessly embed insights into Reliability and asset exception based on surveillance workflows.


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