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Shell Process Optimiser for LNG

Shell Process Optimiser for LNG


Combines machine learning with process insights to identify opportunities on how to close the gap to potential.

Features & Benefits​

  • Leverage a data-driven approach to understand the effects of various independent variables that are not normally used to optimise LNG throughput
    This approach combined with process control services offered by Baker Hughes TPS iCenter Services can enable ~1% annual LNG production increase
  • Reduce variability in production rates and quality
  • Reduce environmental impact of operations – by decreasing the energy and greenhouse gases required per BOE produced
  • Using the open loop advisory, support end-to-end Asset Engineers’ work process, including optimization, trouble shooting and model maintenance
  • Increase individual and team efficiency with the use of integrated features, including data streaming and aggregation, advance analytics, contextualization, model monitoring and optimization recommendations
  • Sustain the benefit of running the controller by:
    • monitoring objective function (Gap to Potential),
    • challenging the current limits to push extra production,
    • qualitatively prescribing (via what-if analysis) the move of handles which cannot be used on the running controller
  • Significantly reduce the effort required to consolidate information, by providing data directly to Asset Engineers
  • Use pre-built data visualization and advanced analytics features to:
    • democratize specialist jobs (reduced need for coding)
    • enable data-driven troubleshooting and continuous improvement for Asset Engineers



  • BHC3 Process Optimization for Steam Balance Optimization
  • Shell Sensor Intelligence Platform
  • BHC3 Reliability

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