AI Insights and Visibility Across the Global Supply Chain

BHC3 Inventory Optimization applies advanced AI, machine learning, and optimization techniques to help companies reduce inventory levels of parts, raw materials, and finished goods while maintaining confidence that they will have sufficient safety stock and be able to meet customer service level agreements.​


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Demonstrated Benefits


reduction in inventory levels and holding costs


decrease in shipping costs


improvement in service levels and OTIF performance

Next Generation AI-based Supply Chain Operations

Paint Point
BHC3 Inventory Optimization Solution

Inability to view global supply chain in real-time

Full supply chain digital twin exposes all types of inventory in real-time

Excess raw material and parts inventory

AI-based optimization recommends reorder parameter changes (e.g., safety stock)

Demand forecasts lack granularity

Part-level demand forecasts learn from actual historical variability in consumption

Cannot view part-level impacts nor explore BOM

Bill of Materials (BOM) exploration with part-specific service level details expose inefficiencies

Poor On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) delivery performance

AI-based lead time predictions and configurable alerts for projected late orders and supplier deliveries to meet OTIF targets

Disparate supply chain systems

Bidirectional integration with existing ERP and MRP systems support closed-loop action and feedback

Scott Parent
Scott Parent

Scott Parent

VP, Enterprise Engineering & Technology

“What the teams found is ingestion is happening about 80% faster with about 1/10 the resources.”

Jim Hannan

Jim Hannan

EVP, CEO Enterprises

“The C3 AI Suite allows us to take advantage of our existing investments while accelerating our AI transformation so Koch companies can better serve their customers.”

Henry Chang
Henry Chang

Henry Chang

Vice President, 3M Connect

“We’ve been engaged with the team to figure out better processes and make user-friendly applications that enable our data scientists to draw insights and conclusions to drive outcomes.”

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