A core set of proven solutions from Baker Hughes, C3 AI,
Microsoft, Shell, and other service providers

Product Type

Asset & System Reliability | Applications

Baker Hughes – Valve Lifecycle Management

ValvAware is the foundation of the comprehensive Baker Hughes Valve Lifecycle Management (VLM) service focused on optimizing the maintenance and performance of all brands of valves

Asset & System Reliability | Applications

Bently Nevada System 1 – Condition Monitoring Software

Plant-wide machine health monitoring and asset protection system to reduce risk, increase productivity, and minimize unplanned downtime

Asset & System Reliability | Applications

BHC3 Reliability

BHC3 Reliability continuously monitors asset and system health, detects risks and anomalies ahead of time, and reduces unplanned downtime

Asset & System Reliability | Applications

Cenosco Integrity Management Solution (IMS)

The Integrity Management Solution suite comprises multiple products to cover a range of asset-specific needs. The IMS platform calculates optimal intervention periods and lays out efficient maintenance strategies

Asset & System Reliability | Services

iCenter Turbomachinery – Advanced Digital Service

Smart software and service solutions deployed on local control systems, and remotely with edge-to-cloud solutions, to convert industrial assets into IIoT machines for exponential impact on plant performance

Asset & System Reliability | Applications

Kongsberg Kognitwin Energy

Kognitwin Energy is a dynamic, flexible, and extendible digital twin that delivers a rich framework for advanced digitalization and analytics, including a range of solutions that are customizable for specific customer needs

Data Science Tools | Applications

Mathworks MATLAB Production Server

MATLAB Production Server (MPS) allows users to incorporate pre-built and custom analytics into web, database, and production enterprise applications running on dedicated servers or in the cloud

System Integrator | Services


ORTEC empowers organizations to become more efficient, predictable, effective, and sustainable by combining business knowledge with world-class algorithms and AI

Asset & System Reliability | Applications

Shell Autonomous Integrity Recognition

Reduce leakages in equipment by predicting and classifying external corrosion and insulation issues using AI-powered Machine Vision

Asset & System Reliability | Applications

Shell Corrosion Advanced Risk Modeling and Analytics

Predict corrosion in critical equipment and tubing using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on telemetry data to reduce maintenance costs

Asset & System Reliability | Add-on Modules

Shell Predictive Maintenance Control Valves

Detect control valve anomalies early to improve availability and reduce maintenance cost

Asset & System Reliability | Add-on Modules

Shell Predictive Maintenance Rotating Equipment

Detect equipment anomalies early to improve availability and reduce maintenance cost

Plant & Facility Optimization | Applications

Shell Process Optimiser for LNG

Combines machine learning with process insights to identify opportunities on how to close the gap to potential

Data Integration | Applications

Shell Sensor Intelligence Platform

SSIP is a powerful enabling technology that transfers data from process data historians to a scalable cloud storage solution to deliver enterprise-scale analytics

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