BHC3 Predictive Maintenance

Predict equipment failures for valves

BHC3 Predictive Maintenance

Predict equipment failures for compressors

BHC3 Predictive Maintenance

Predict equipment failures for pumps

BHC3 Predictive Maintenance

Predict equipment failures for rotating equipment

Predict Assets at Risk of Failure to Improve Maintenance and Planning

BHC3™ Predictive Maintenance provides field operators and engineers comprehensive insight into production asset performance, delivering actionable recommendations to cost-effectively maintain a diverse, geographically spread portfolio of assets. With BHC3 Predictive Maintenance, operations teams benefit from uniform and granular information to minimize lost production time, avoid safety and environmental incidents, and cost-effectively plan for maintenance and capital equipment projects.


Asset failure prediction

Assess probability and impact of equipment failure with a high degree of confidence and consistency, based on actual operating conditions and asset performance details.

Visualization across portfolio

View assets across the portfolio and perform drill-down analysis through the geospatial view; build customizable reports on asset risk across critical business and operating dimensions.

Asset-level diagnostics

Identify and diagnose the conditions affecting individual asset failure; extrapolate individual equipment findings to the full asset portfolio. Analyze assets by class at granular levels across the asset hierarchy.

Maintenance prioritization

Prioritize equipment maintenance work by leveraging machine learning–based risk scores. Launch work orders directly through the BHC3 Predictive Maintenance application.

Asset renewal planning

Aggregate individual equipment maintenance needs into portfolio-level plans for capital investment, equipment replacement, and work management. Explore prebuilt and ad hoc asset risk reporting.

Asset health monitoring

Proactively assess real-time asset health, along with failure predictions, maintenance expense projections, and potential capital expenditures. Evaluate asset health trends over varying time intervals and across configurable risk indicators.

Asset utilization monitoring

Continuously monitor asset utilization to identify underutilized assets, resulting in more efficient operations and capital investment planning.

Asset benchmarking

Track, benchmark and rank performance of individual equipment based on probability and impact of equipment failure. Optimize capital, operations and maintenance expenditures by identifying at-risk equipment and flagging for potential inclusion in investment planning projects.

Risk management

Understand the impact that a high-risk asset has on production, reliability, safety and environmental goals. Create maintenance work orders to mitigate the chance of well downtime.


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Dan Jeavons

Dan Jeavons

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Reduce downtime due to early identification and resolution of equipment at high-risk of failure.


Lower operational costs by optimizing reliability-based maintenance and replacement instead of emergency replace-on-failure.


Optimize capital expenditures by improving asset replacement decisions according to asset condition and predicted utilization.


Improve asset sizing by analyzing asset capacity based on field and operations data with similar production asset characteristics.


Enhance safety due to a reduction in high-risk emergency repairs.

Data Sources

BHC3 Predictive Maintenance aggregates terabyte-scale operational data in the BHC3™ AI Suite from sensor networks, smart devices and enterprise systems to generate accurate predictions regarding equipment performance and health. Equipment can be analyzed at any user-specified level, from individual equipment to wellsite to field. The asset risk score, calculated as a function of the probability and impact of an asset failure, leverages industry-leading machine learning algorithms to develop accurate equipment predictions, exceeding the capabilities of traditional asset analysis methods. BHC3 Predictive Maintenance gives operators a quantitative and consistent approach to manage equipment risk and reliability, minimize unplanned downtime, and reduce unexpected capital expenditures.

BHC3 Model-driven architecture for BHC3 Predictive Maintenance



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