Maximize Production and Efficiency for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

BHC3™ Process Optimization for LNG applies advanced machine learning and optimization techniques to near real-time process data to maximize production output and increase energy efficiency for the LNG industry.


BHC3 Process Optimization for LNG


Demonstrated Benefits


Increase in production output


Revenue increase per LNG train


Reduction in quality control testing required

AI-Based LNG Process Optimization

Pain point
BHC3 Process Optimization for LNG

Feed quality and ambient conditions change frequently

Near real-time process optimization enables increased production throughput in dynamic conditions

Operational knowledge limited to key personnel

AI-optimized operational setpoints guide operators in meeting production targets

Only a fraction of data generated is utilized for process optimization

Unified process and operational data enables holistic view of LNG production

Unpredictable impact of legacy solutions on LNG production

What-if scenario analysis capabilities help simulate and plan for diverse operating conditions

Existing solutions unable to respond to dynamic real-time conditions

Built-in LNG expertise and process control services augment the AI-based process optimization approach

How It Works

BHC3 Process Optimization for LNG is powered by the BHC3 AI Suite, combines the domain expertise of Shell Process Optimiser for LNG, and is supported by process control services offered by Baker Hughes TPS iCenter Services.

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