Predictive Insights and Prescriptive Actions for Critical Assets, Processes, and Systems

BHC3 Reliability provides reliability engineers, maintenance managers, and executives with comprehensive monitoring across critical and non-critical assets and enables proactive, AI-based predictive maintenance. BHC3 Reliability identifies anomalous behavior across systems and assets, provides prioritized alerts, recommends prescriptive actions, and enables collaboration through an integrated workflow. With BHC3 Reliability, enterprises can maximize uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve operational efficiency. ​


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Demonstrated Benefits


Reduction in unplanned downtime


Increase in asset availability


Reduction in total maintenance costs

Next Generation AI-based Reliability

BHC3 Reliability Solution

Reactive, time-based, and expensive maintenance programs

AI-based asset risk predictions provide continuous visibility into overall asset health

Too many false alerts generated by rules-based systems

Early warnings for assets at risk prioritized using machine learning and codified domain expertise

Difficult to track asset risks across thousands of systems and sensors

AI approach scalable to across complex assets, fleets, and systems

Operational knowledge siloed within an aging workforce

Automatic failure mode identification to prescribe mitigation steps and feedback loops augmented by AI

Disparate and unconnected reliability systems

Closed-loop workflow for all asset, maintenance, and operational systems

Customer Viewpoints

Lorenzo Simonelli
Lorenzo Simonelli

Lorenzo Simonelli

Chairman and CEO

“Most people start off by thinking they can do it themselves. It is not easy to digitally transform, go to the experts. C3 AI provides that expertise.”

Daniel Jeavons
Dan Jeavons

Dan Jeavons

GM Data Science

"The combination of our data science expertise and the software development expertise that C3 AI brings is really powerful."

Jim Hannan

Jim Hannan

EVP, CEO Enterprises

“The C3 AI Suite allows us to take advantage of our existing investments while accelerating our AI transformation so Koch companies can better serve their customers.”

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