Reduce unplanned downtime, maximize asset availability, and increase safety

BHC3™ Reliability is a comprehensive software solution that provides reliability engineers, process engineers and maintenance managers with AI-enabled insights to address process and equipment performance risks. The application identifies anomalies, provides prioritized alerts to operators, recommends prescriptive actions, and enables collaboration across the enterprise.

Key Capabilities

AI-based asset risk predictions

AI-based asset risk predictions

AI-based asset risk predictions

  • Proactively assess real-time asset health, detect anomalies in asset operating conditions, and perform root cause analysis
  • Contextualize asset and system behavior with thousands of features
  • Prioritize maintenance activities for planned maintenance windows based on failure predictions
Prioritized early warnings

Prioritized early warnings

Prioritized early warnings

  • Identify anomalies using next-generation deep learning and machine learning algorithms
  • Prioritize issues and reduce the number of false alerts through AI/ML
  • Early warning of asset risks months ahead of time
Scalable AI approach

Scalable AI approach

System-level risk

  • Scale application rapidly across any type of facility or asset fleet
  • Automated diagram parsing map sensors to assets and generate asset hierarchies
  • ML model management & configuration provide end-to-end management to end users
Failure mode identification and mitigation

Failure mode identification and mitigation

Elastic solver for scheduling

  • Leverage AI/ML interpretability to explain factors contributing to asset risks
  • Identify failure modes using codified domain expertise with cross-industry diagnostic libraries
  • Prescribe remediation actions to guide engineers in rapid risk resolution
Closed-loop workflows

Closed-loop workflows

Scenario analyses

  • Streamline workflows across software tools by launching work orders in existing CMMS systems
  • Collaborate across the organization with operator, engineer, and manager views
  • Tune the machine learning models to accommodate operations complexity
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Application Scope

BHC3 Reliability can be deployed across all types of oil and gas assets, processes, and systems.

Asset classes





Heat Exchangers






Machine Systems​



Multi-stage compression

Multi-stage pumping

Lubricating Oil


Coking, Cracking

Reflux, Circulation






Benefits for BHC3 Reliability Users

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