AI-Enabled Emissions and Resource Management to Achieve Enterprise Sustainability Goals

BHC3™ Sustainability provides real-time visibility and AI insights to reduce emissions and consumption of resource such as water, chemicals, and steam across refineries, petrochemical plants, office buildings, and vehicles.


BHC3 Sustainability Demo Video

Demonstrated Benefits


Decrease in greenhouse gas emissions


Decrease in resource (such as water, chemicals and steam) consumption


Decrease in time and costs to prepare external reports

Next Generation AI-based Emissions Management

BHC3 Sustainability

Difficult to determine optimal efficiency and emissions-reduction actions

AI-based recommendations and insights identify highest-value opportunities to meet emissions-reduction objectives

Fragmented data systems relating to fuel combustion and process emissions

Comprehensive, unified view of all operational data sources enable monitoring and analysis of combustion and process emissions in near real time

Inability to measure progress against sustainability goals

Automated measurement and verification with machine learning enable accurate tracking against sustainability targets

Time-consuming manual tracking of energy efficiency projects

Streamlined tools to assemble, prioritize, and validate a portfolio of capex projects and efficiency initiatives

Rigid, closed, and non-scalable systems

Flexible, secure, and open platform offers robust integrations and full interoperability with all enterprise and extraprise systems

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