The Open AI Energy Initiative

Shell, Baker Hughes, C3 AI, and Microsoft have launched the Open AI Energy Initiative™ (OAI), an open ecosystem of AI-based solutions for the energy and process industry. The OAI provides an open framework for energy operators, service providers, equipment providers, and independent software vendors for energy services to build and offer interoperable solutions on the BHC3™ AI Suite and Microsoft Azure. The first set of solutions include Shell and Baker Hughes reliability solutions proven at scale to improve uptime and performance of energy assets and processes.


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Fragmented Systems
Data in multiple disparate systems
Unified Systems
One unified data image that supports multiple AI-enhanced applications
Lack of Scalability
Not scalable across different processes, equipment types, and operations
Enterprise Scalability
Scalable AI-based solutions that easily extend to different processes, equipment types, and large fleets
Custom Integrations
Expensive integrations that rely on multiple technologies and skillsets
Full Interoperability
Open, standardized APIs and pluggable interface models that support solutions from operators, independent software vendors, equipment manufacturers, and service providers
Limited Vendor Support
Support Vendors only provide support for their own systems​
End-to-End Support Ecosystem
Baker Hughes and C3 AI ecosystem deploys, implements, integrates, and supports commercial OAI solutions, accelerated by BHC3 Applications and the BHC3 AI Suite​
Siloed Domain Expertise
No platform or ecosystem for sharing codified SME knowledge
Integrated Domain-Specific Solutions
Codified, turnkey domain-specific knowledge, tools, and models that directly address specific process and equipment types

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As a contributor, you get direct access to a focused sales channel, collaborate with founder members and operators to implement effective production deployments, and are provided access to the OAI development roadmap and joint go-to-market options with other members.
As a customer, you can drive interoperability between AI applications, accelerate AI deployment and time-to-value, and monetize in-house applications.

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