BHC3 Production Optimization

Optimizing production for oil wells

BHC3 Production Optimization

Optimizing production for gas wells

Field-Wide Optimization of Well and Surface Network

BHC3™ Production Optimization is an AI-enabled software application that enables oil and gas production and facility engineers to visualize, analyze and optimize upstream production operations. With BHC3 Production Optimization, oil and gas operators benefit from increased production volumes, quantified dependency scores of injection wells on production wells, more accurate well production reporting, and integrated tools to investigate and take action to prevent production losses.

BHC3 Production Optimization leverages all available data to train advanced AI models of hydrocarbon flow in wells and surface production networks. The supervised and unsupervised AI models are used to generate a virtual metering network by inferring hydrocarbon state estimations (flow rate, pressure, temperature) from wells, pipelines and network assets that are inaccurately or only periodically instrumented. This continuous and accurate virtual metering estimation across the wells and surface network enable operators to back allocate production to individual wells, to identify injection well optimizations, and to recommend improvements to address production and sensor issues.


High accuracy virtual metering

Leverage unique physics-based models of surface system networks coupled with AI-enabled meter estimations to generate a virtual metering network.
High priority

Surface network visualization

Visualize the surface network by leveraging the surface system model and display measurements, predictions and alerts.

Production back allocation

Use a system-of-systems approach, enabling users to back allocate flow and identify bottleneck and low-producing wells throughout the network.

Injection well optimization

Provide recommendations for operating conditions at an injection well level to optimize field production.

Prioritized alerting with RCA enablement

Reduce the number of unnecessary alerts through AI-enabled detection and categorization of sensor and production alerts.

Sensor location recommendation

Use recommendations on where to install physical sensors to significantly increase accuracy across the network.

Data integration and visualization

Integrates disparate data sources such as surface network models, asset data, wellbore drilling data, reservoir and production models, time series historians, terminal and SCADA data into a unified and federated data image.



Increase production rates through improved field- and well-level analyses leading to optimal injection and investment decisions.


Reduce operational expenses due to improved virtual sensor approach to reduce the burden of recalibrating and installing sensors.


Optimize operational investigation workload through AI-enabled production loss analysis tools.


Improve safety due to enhanced visibility of production issues at both the individual well level and across the integrated oilfield.

Data Sources

Multiple disparate data sources are unified and federated in the BHC3™ AI Suite for BHC3 Production Optimization. Not only does this enable operators to obtain a unified data image of their entire end-to-end production, but it also helps define features that are used to train AI-enabled models to generate recommendations and alerts that guide user decisions—for example, on where to recalibrate or install new sensors, where to increase water or gas injection to maximize production.

BHC3 Production Optimization generates real-time alerts to inform production and facility engineers of production (e.g., under- or overproduction, change in behavior) and sensor (e.g., inaccuracy increase, miscalibration) risks. The application then provides interpretable insights and recommendations to optimize profitability across the field by maximizing production while minimizing capital and operational expenditures.

BHC3 Model-driven architecture for BHC3 Production Optimization


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