BHC3 Well Integrity & Health

Predicting well integrity issues on conventional wells

BHC3 Well Integrity & Health

Predicting well integrity issues on unconventional wells

BHC3 Well Integrity & Health

Predicting well integrity issues on offshore wells

Predict Well Failure and Proactively Maintain Critical Assets

BHC3™ Well Integrity & Health provides real-time well monitoring and predicts formation and mechanical issues before they result in well integrity issues. Well problems ranging from small leaks to significant structural failures have steadily increased over the past decade, due to aging fields and increasingly complex wells. Over this period, these well integrity issues have caused significant safety, cost and production implications for oil & gas companies. However, today’s well integrity approach still involves a reactive, run to failure model that is not capable of preventing well integrity issues before they occur. This reactive approach is particularly problematic in subsea operations where intervention costs are significant and failure of high-pressure wells can be catastrophic.


system status

Geospatial visualization across asset portfolio

Continuously monitor failure prediction scores and key operational metrics of wells in real time across an individual field or larger geographic region. Proactively assess real-time health of wells, quickly prioritizing wells that require intervention.

Well failure prediction

View the probability of failure and forecasted time-to-failure, based on next-generation machine learning algorithms using data from previous well failures and near misses. Also understand the potential economic, safety and environmental impact of an incident.

Well failure diagnosis

Determine root causes of well issues including casing and tubing failure, plugging, casing hanger seal failure, annulus valve failure and subsurface safety valve failure.

Risk-based maintenance prioritization

Prioritize maintenance work based on highest probability and impact of well failure, allowing engineers to focus on the most critical safety, environmental and production issues. Launch work orders directly through the BHC3 Well Integrity & Health application.

Alerts and notifications

Be notified in real-time of sudden changes to risk index scores; quickly visualize safety, environmental and economic impact of failure to better determine corrective action.

Improved well planning

Integrate intelligence into future well completion and workover designs such as the selection of bailing, washback or foaming to address a sanding failure.



Reduce operational expenses as a result of early identification of issues that can be fixed without well intervention.


Improve production as a result of well integrity results being input into well completion and workover designs.


Enhance safety due to a reduction in well intervention and remediation activities.


Decrease environmental incidents caused by either catastrophic well failure or previously undetectable leakage (e.g., annular gas flow of a natural gas well).


Optimize work management as a result of operators ability to better prioritize wells requiring intervention and determine the most appropriate intervention plans.

Data Sources

BHC3 Well Integrity & Health aggregates disparate sources of well data (e.g., annulus pressure, temperature, flow rate, water cut, gas fraction) in the BHC3™ AI Suite and uses the latest machine learning techniques, allowing operators to pinpoint potential causes of failure. In addition to predictive failure functionality, engineers and operators receive insights for improved well completion and workover designs, further reducing future operational

Model-driven architecture for BHC3 Well Integrity & Health

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