Improve Well Design and Real-time Drilling Decisions

BHC3™ Well Development Optimization uses AI to optimize the drilling rate of penetration, minimize non-productive time, and optimize drilling design.

Demonstrated Benefits


Increase in drilling rate of penetration performance


Reduction in Non-Productive Time


Access to all structured and unstructured drilling data

Next Generation AI-based Oil Well Development Optimization

Pain point
BHC3 Well Development Optimization Solution

Aggregate and inaccurate drilling performance planning

AI-based drilling performance predictions at depth-, inclination- and azimuth-level that leverage all historical data

Suboptimal trajectory design and bottom-hole assembly equipment choice

Design parameters recommendations to maximize productivity and minimize costs

Poor Non-Productive Time performance caused by inadequate risk assessments

AI-enabled insights to mitigate drilling risks and hazards such as Non-Productive-Time (NPT) events

Free text drillings reports, high-volume logs, lengthy offset well manual analyses

AI-driven data and context gathering to accelerate well planning and drilling execution tasks.

Hard-to-maintain, slow-to-update, and deterministic physics-based models

Agile, continuous, and stochastic hybrid predictions that leverage deep learning and surrogate models

Multiple tools, multiple data repositories, multiple parties, inefficient collaboration

A unified, integrated, and OSDU-compatible application to streamline collaboration across key drilling operations

Customer Viewpoints

Lorenzo Simonelli
Lorenzo Simonelli

Lorenzo Simonelli

Chairman and CEO

“Most people start off by thinking they can do it themselves. It is not easy to digitally transform, go to the experts. provides that expertise.”

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