Increasing LNG Efficiencies with Artificial Intelligence

November 29, 2022 | 9:00 am CST

Baker Hughes and C3 AI commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey LNG operators on how they manage production processes worldwide to balance supply and demand, address environmental concerns, and prepare for the long-term future of natural gas.

Given LNG demand is showing no signs of slowing down, producers are looking to boost production and guarantee availability. Suppliers need to think differently and produce more efficiently. AI combined with domain knowledge can offer significant opportunity across the liquefaction process, delivering increased output, reduced variability in production rates, and lower emissions intensity.

During this livestream panel discussion, you will learn from insights collected in the Forrester Research about:

  • Key concerns and priorities of LNG operators.
  • The role of advanced software capabilities, such as AI and machine learning, mixed with domain expertise, in improving LNG operations, reducing downtime costs, and supporting goals to reduce energy use and emissions.
  • How AI-based advanced industrial process optimization software can manage complexity, unify data, and quickly model data for insights that drive actions in LNG operations.
  • Challenges in implementing new industrial process optimization software tools and technologies.

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  • Mike Gualtieri, VP, and Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Dan Brennan, VP, Baker Hughes
  • Nikhil Gulati, VP Engineering and Product Strategy, Baker Hughes
  • Lila Fridley, Director of Products, C3 AI
  • Daniele Porciani, Outcome Based Services Solution Architect, Baker Hughes